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Growing Your Membership by Doing Things That Don’t Scale

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The “one to many” aspect of a membership site is what makes it such an attractive business model.

The ability to leverage your time, skills, experience and expertise in order to serve hundreds or even thousands – without having to deal with issues of increased expenses, strained resources or limited capacity that can come when trying to grow other types of businesses – make memberships one of the most scalable models there is.

However sometimes in order to get to the next level, you need to do a few things that don’t scale too well…

Episode Summary:

  • How to add a personal touch to your membership without spreading yourself too thin
  • Times where offering a “done for you” or “done with you” service may actually benefit your membership as a whole
  • The value of taking your community offline and organising real world meetups
  • The biggest challenge in selling a membership, and the specific tactic that works best for overcoming it

Key Quotes:

“Because memberships are one to many, they are also one of the most scalable business models around as there’s not typically a per user cost in terms of money or resources. Your expenses for your membership usually don’t scale in proportion to your membership numbers. If you doubled your number of members today, it probably wouldn’t double your costs.

“It is down to you to really examine the member journey. Think about points at which a little bit of manual, personal intervention from you would make a massive difference and would really move the needle, versus just letting people figure things out and muddle through on their own.”

“Member meetups are a great way of not only bringing members together and having a little bit of fun, but also helping them to build and strengthen relationships with each other. Community is crucial. If you can help speed up those connections and build those relationships between your members, then they’re more likely to be supportive and help each other out inside your community.”

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