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5 Options For Starting a Membership BEFORE You’ve Grown Your Audience

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We’re constantly banging the drum on how important it is to have an established audience BEFORE you build and launch a membership.

However for some people the temptation to rush headfirst into their membership is just too strong.

Truth is that if you haven’t built an audience that you can mobilize and monetize, you’re going to find it an uphill struggle trying to get your membership off the ground.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. In this podcast, I share 5 options you have if you’re wanting to build a membership before building your audience.

Episode Summary:

  • The importance of validating that there actually IS a market for your idea and that you’ve done your research
  • Why it’s worth delaying your plans to focus on building an audience first (and what we did to prepare for our own membership launch)
  • The 3 different options you have for accelerating your growth
  • Alternative products you could create that would make more sense than a full-blown membership at this stage of your business

Key Quotes:

“On a scale of 1 to 10 how confident are you – without any self delusion – that there is an audience out there who will put their hand in their pocket and pay for your membership?”

“Rather than running head first into creating a membership – mapping out specifics of your site, building it, getting into the tech side, hiring web developers and all of that – seriously consider giving yourself three to six months to actually grow your audience first. Trust me, it’ll pay massive dividends.”

“Consider starting out with a product that caters to a smaller number of people. Something that’s intimate, that you can charge more for, that can be a starting point where you can then spin off a membership either as an evolution of that programme or as an additional product; and then you work the two against each other, upselling to one, downselling to the other…”

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