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Running a Membership over the Holidays – 6 Things You Should Do

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As the year draws to a close and many inside your membership and your wider audience will be in a festive mood, what sort of things should you be doing as a membership owner?

Whether you’re a Christmas fanatic or a modern day Scrooge – the festive season brings with it a few unique opportunities for your membership business.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I talk about 6 things you should do in your membership over the holiday period.

Episode Summary:

  • Creating “year end review” content – what we do at The Membership Guys, and some ideas you can try
  • The importance of taking time away from your membership over the holidays
  • Reviewing your achievements in the past year and setting goals for the next 12 months
  • How the festive season affords you more opportunities for promotional campaigns

Key Quotes:

“The holidays are a great time to run a promotional campaign. Whether it’s a discount, bonuses, some sort of event marketing like a summit or a challenge; the festive theme gives you a lot of fun elements to play with that you don’t get the chance to tap into at other times of the year.”

“Make sure you’re communicating clearly to your members and to your staff when you’re going to be available, what they can expect. That’s going to make dealing with customer service and handling your community so much easier during the holiday season.”

“Please, please take some time away from your membership site over the holidays. You shouldn’t be answering forum posts between forkfuls of Christmas dinner. Take time off. Relax. Have fun.”

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