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Try These Tactics to Pre-empt and Prevent Member Cancellations

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Cancellations are an inevitable part of the member journey.

Everyone running a membership deals with them.

However that doesn't mean you just have to sit back and let cancellations happen!

In this episode I share some simple ways that you can pre-empt cancelling members and reduce the number of people leaving your membership.

Episode Summary:

  • Why it's crucial to get feedback from outgoing members in order to help you zero in on problem areas (and easy fixes!)
  • Monitoring member activity and engagement, and taking action to salvage people who might be slipping away
  • “I haven't got time” is a common reason members leave – what does that really mean and how can you tackle it?
  • Dealing with involuntary churn from failed payments – what's the answer?

Key Quotes:

“Remember, if you've got a recurring subscription, canceling is an active decision. It's very rarely a passive decision. If you've got a membership which has a natural expiration date of say, 12 months, then cancellation is a passive action, because actually people just don't have to anything at all if they want to cancel in that situation. They just allow that membership to lapse, to expire. But with an active recurring subscription, cancellation is something somebody has to take action, take steps to do. That usually means that there's a strong motivation behind that decision.

“A substantial number of people who leave your membership site do so because their payments have failed.┬áSomething that you absolutely should be implementing is what's called a dunning process. This is essentially a series of usually emails or follow-up actions that happen when someone's payment fails that vastly improves the chances that someone will rectify any issues with their subscription, rather than simply fail out and result in cancellation.”

“It's worth keeping a personal eye on things. If you know that someone who used to be a regular fixture of your membership has disappeared, you haven't heard from them for a while, make a point of personally reaching out. Yeah, that stuff doesn't scale, yeah everybody talks about automation, but sometimes just a little bit of human intervention can make the difference.”

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