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6 Tasks You Should Outsource To Make Your Membership More Manageable

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Most membership owners – especially those earlier on in their journey – try to do everything themselves

Chris Ducker refers to this as “Superhero Syndrome” – where you convince yourself that everything in your business rests on your shoulders; that you’re the only person who can possibly handle it all.

But it’s a fallacy.

You shouldn’t be trying to do everything yourself because it’s just not sustainable, especially as your membership grows.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I highlight 6 key areas of your membership business that you should look to outsource in order to free you up to focus on the things that only you can do.

Episode Summary:

  • Why trying to do everything yourself is actually bad for your membership (and your members!)
  • Outsourcing isn't just about offloading tasks you're no good at or think are ‘beneath you'
  • How to change your mindset about paying for specialist help
  • Why you need to be the “rockstar” and not the “roadie”

Key Quotes:

“You convince yourself that everything in your business rests on your shoulders. That you're the only person who could possibly handle it all… and if that means that you have to work insane hours, or you're stressed all of the time, then that's just the price you pay for being the hero in your business. But that's all nonsense…”

“Often something that will take you an entire day to try to figure out on the tech front could easily be solved by a web developer in a matter of minutes. Now the reason a lot of people don't outsource their tech support is because good tech support comes at a price. It's a specialist field. But you have to ask yourself, how much is your own time worth?”

“It's not just about hiring people who are better than you are. The central focus of all of this is about finding ways of freeing up your time, energy, and mental bandwidth, in order to enable you to focus more on the things that only you can do. And on the things that best serve your members.”

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