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5 Ideas to Take a Successful Membership to the Next Level

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Much of what we discuss here at The Membership Guys revolves around building and growing a successful membership.

But once you’ve reached a point where you can call your membership “successful” – what’s next?

For many, the continued growth of their membership – increasing member numbers and revenue – is the be all and end all of their ambitions. And that’s a perfectly valid goal.

But for those who want more, what does that “next level” look like?

In this episode, I discuss 5 ideas for how you could take an already successful membership business to even greater heights.

Episode Summary:

  • The most common approach membership owners take to expanding their business
  • How to create an additional revenue stream from the skills you develop in running your existing membership
  • Now that you’ve proven the model in your chosen market, could you replicate it in others?
  • The importance of having an ‘anchor point’ in your business when you choose to move outside of only offering a membership

Key Quotes:

“Your membership is successful and everything’s working like gangbusters, that means you’ve proven the model. And when you’ve proven that you have a model, an approach, a strategy that works for you within your market, there’s scope to take that proven model and then adapt it for other related markets.” 

“If you’ve developed a signature system or methodology; or you’ve created a body of work that could quite easily be taken and delivered to the same effect to a different group of people other than your own audience – then you might consider licensing the use of your membership to other companies.”

“Create an ecosystem of products and services that are centered around your membership. Your membership is at the heart of everything. You focus all your attention on bringing people into your membership, and then once in there, they are exposed to all of the other ways in which you can help them”

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