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Negotiating Member-Only Perks and Special Offers

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Most memberships will consist of two things – premium content (such as courses and tutorials) as well as community.

While the quality and depth of those elements will vary greatly from site to site; it does mean that when your potential member is considering several options for sites to join it can be hard to tell the difference between memberships which appear to essentially be offering the same thing.

This is where going that extra mile to provide added value to members is key to standing out from your competition – and one of our favourite ways of doing this is to offer exclusive member-only perks and offers.

In this episode I discuss this further as well as provide my tips on how to approach vendors to negotiate deals for your membership.

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In this episode, I discuss:

  • How offering perks can set your membership apart
  • What sort of things could you try to find member-only offers for
  • The specific strategy we use for approaching vendors to negotiate deals and offers
  • How we deal with companies who can’t offer permanent perks

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