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7 Things You Need to Validate Before Starting a Membership

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It’s easy to get carried away in those early days of planning and building a membership site.

So many people get overexcited by their idea and a little too swept up in the process that they skip the first few fundamental steps.

Most importantly: idea validation and research.

And then when they launch their membership and it doesn’t quite go to plan, they’re left scratching their heads wondering where it all went wrong.

In this episode, I highlight the 7 most important things that you need to validate BEFORE moving forward with your membership idea.

Episode Summary:

  • The importance of solving problems for your members, and how to know which problems people will actually pay for a solution to.
  • Why identifying a gap in the market is over-rated, and doesn’t always mean there’s an opportunity for you.
  • How having the perfect product and a ‘hungry’ market is not enough. There’s an important third ingredient…
  • Why you need to seriously question your own long term objectives for your membership

Key Quotes:

“You want your membership to be addressing a problem that’s keeping people awake at night. That’s stopping them from hitting their goals, from reaching their dreams, from being the best version of themselves. It needs to be a compelling problem.”

“You don’t want someone joining your membership and learning everything they’ll ever need to know about the topic within their first week. That’s not conducive to a membership. That’s something that is better suited to a short course.”

“You could have the hungriest audience in the world. You could have the best solution to the most painful problem, but if you do a terrible job of connecting those dots and of mobilizing that audience to pay you specifically for your solution to their problem, then it doesn’t matter how good your membership is. “

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