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Should Membership Trial Periods be Free or Paid?

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Offering a trial is a great way of moving people off the fence and encouraging them to give your membership a try.

However should that trial be free, or should it involve a nominal charge?

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I cover the pros and cons of each option, and dive deeper into the benefits and considerations of offering a trial for your membership.

Episode Summary:

  • How offering a trial on your membership can significantly increase sales
  • Why most people instinctively choose to make their trials free
  • The psychology behind a trial period, and how it differs from free vs paid
  • The only metric that matters when assessing the performance of your trial

Key Quotes:

“TrialsĀ are a great way of using something that Jay Abraham calls ‘risk reversal'. Because when someone's considering whether or not to join your membership site or purchase your online course, that potential customer has got a great number of questions going through their mind, as they're weighing up whether or not to actually join and to make that purchase.”

“If you offer a free trial, you're going to attract a lot of freebie hunters, who are only joining because it's free, and they have no intention of ever becoming a fully paid member. You also make it far easier for those “hit and run” type of members, the ones who want to join, download everything they can and then disappear.”

“Remember that this is not about how many people you get to sign up for your trial. The only thing that matters with trial periods for memberships, is how many people stick around at the end”

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