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4 Ways You Can Use a Membership to Supplement Your Existing Business

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When we talk about membership sites, typically it’s in the context of being the main part of the membership owner’s business.

However that’s not the only way to do it.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I dig into 4 of the main ways you could create a membership site that’s secondary and supplementary to the real focus of your business.

Episode Summary:

  • Why it’s okay to not have a membership as the main focal point of your business
  • How a free membership site can work like gangbusters for generating qualified sales leads
  • Ways to use a membership to take your service business to the next level and crush your competitors
  • A simple way to use a membership website in conjunction with selling high-ticket courses and programs.

Key Quotes:

“If you have clients who need training or reference materials, or who would benefit from things like templates, worksheets, downloads and other resources, then you can create a huge value add to your regular service by giving those clients customers their own private membership area in which they can access that stuff .”

“Consider putting all of your lead magnets and all of your freebies into a free membership website. And then, rather than having people sign up for your mailing list, you get them to register to your free membership. You’re still giving away the same stuff, you’re just reframing and repositioning it.”

“If your main business is selling a signature course, then you might consider offering an ongoing ‘alumni’ membership exclusively for those people who have graduated your course.”

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