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Using the ‘Splinter’ Strategy to Sell More Memberships

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Memberships can be challenging products to sell, as often they're made up of so many different things that it's hard to get specific in your marketing.

One way to counteract that is with the “Splinter” strategy.

This is where you take one piece of content from your membership and you make it available to buy as a standalone product. But you market it in such a way that makes joining your membership a preferable option to purchasing just that one thing.

In this episode I dig deeper into how the “Splinter” strategy works for memberships and talk about how you can start testing it within your own business.

Episode Summary:

  • Why one of the best things about memberships also makes them challenging to sell
  • What the ‘splinter' strategy is and how it applies to membership websites
  • How ‘anchoring' is used to make joining your membership a total no-brainer
  • Simple ways to test and validate whether the splinter strategy will work for you

Key Quotes:

“It gives you the context to be able to really zero in on one specific thing that you're selling. Really focus on the results that that one specific course, workshop, or whatever you're selling delivers. You don't need to worry about how to crowbar in all of the other things your membership does when you're writing your sales copy, when you're sending promotional emails. You can just totally zero in on selling this one specific item, drive people to a sales page because of their desire to buy that one thing. And then let the price anchoring work its magic when people are ready to buy.

“the fact that a membership can contain all sorts of different, awesome content is great for how much value your members get, but it's terrible for enabling you to adequately communicate that value in a way that's not just going to bore people to death.”

“There will be people out there who would have never joined your membership site, for whatever reason. Maybe they're just averse to subscriptions, maybe they don't need all the different things that you offer. And so they think that they would be wasting money paying your full price if they're only going to use a small percentage of what your membership has. But those people might be perfectly happy paying for just one thing. So, that's revenue that you otherwise wouldn't be earning.”

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