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5 Biggest Risks Facing Membership Site Owners Right Now

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There’s an element of risk involved with every type of business.

Particularly online.

However when it comes to membership sites there are a few things in particular that you want to pay special attention to.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast – I look at 5 of the biggest risks membership owners need to be aware of and give my top tips for pre-empting and preventing problems.

Episode Summary:

  • How some membership owners are building on borrowed land, and what problems this may cause in the long run
  • Tips for keeping your membership secure and minimising the risk of your site being hacked
  • Protecting your intellectual property and your membership content
  • How your particular membership model and strategy could be leaving you wide open

Key Quotes:

“Usually you’ll get no notice if Facebook’s going to shut your group down. They’ll just do it. We’ve heard of people who have lost groups that had over 20,000 people in them. They just disappeared with no notice, for no discernible reason, overnight. Even if there was a notice period, there’s no way of exporting your members list or your content or anything like that out of your Facebook group so that you can attempt to rebuild it. That’s a risk of building on borrowed land.

“Because WordPress is the most popular and most used content management system, it’s a bigger target than other software. You need to stay diligent, have good security practises, always making sure that you keep WordPress up to date, that you keep your plug-ins up to date, that you keep your plug-ins to a minimum so you don’t have anything installed unless it’s absolutely necessary, and that you make sure your plug-ins are from reputable, legit sources.”

“Don’t punish your good members because you’re scared of the risk of a tiny little chance that someone will come in, download and then illegally share your stuff. You need to get that balance. If somebody wants to steal your content and rip you off, they’ll find a way of doing it.”

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