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How Much Content Do You Need to Launch Your Membership?

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The launch of a new membership site can be a nerve-wracking time, and adding to that anxiety is the question of whether you have enough content to open your doors.

Is there a set amount of content that a membership site needs to have before you release it to the public? What content should you be creating and how do you know when to say “when”?

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast I tackle this question, and provide my top tips for approaching content creation as you gear up for launch.

As well as looking at the key things to consider when thinking about your membership launch content, I also discuss specific examples from our own membership – the Membership Academy; and provide insight into our specific approach to content creation as we were preparing to open our doors.

It’s easy to get sucked into the trap of grinding out high levels of content just so we can say that we offer the most course, tools, resources or whatever other widgets we have on the market – but as membership site owners, especially ones who are getting ready to launch – this is absolutely the wrong approach and the wrong mindset.

Episode Summary:

  • Why you’re taking the wrong approach when it comes to thinking about content
  • How identifying your member “avatars” is the key to figuring out which content you need to create for your launch
  • The approach we took in the Membership Academy to decide which courses we needed to launch with
  • Why it’s worth holding some content back until after your launch

Key Quotes:

“Technically you can launch a membership with no content at all. So, if you are purely asking this question because you want to know how much content you can “get away” with having before you launch a membership then, the answer is none. You can launch with no content whatsoever. Nothing other than a schedule for live training webinars, which will then form the basis of your permanent ongoing content for your membership.”

“If you can zero in on three to four core groups within your audience, then your starting point for your member content should be centred around providing one thing to each of those groups that addresses their core issue or moves them one step further down the road.”

“You need to realise that there’s no pressure on you to have this huge behemoth of membership content from day one and, you also need to reassess your expectation of just how much content you’ll actually be able to create because, we always underestimate just how long it takes”

“You’re not selling content, you’re selling solutions to problems. Start with that in mind and everything starts to click into place.”

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