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Does The Membership Model Have a Future or Is It a Passing Fad?

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Memberships have become a hot topic in recent years.

Everybody is talking about them, and it seems like everyone and their dog is starting a new membership; but what happens when all of this hype dies down and people move onto the next thing – what will that mean for the future of the membership model?

Are memberships just the new shiny fad? And is there any point starting a membership if the bubble is about to burst?

I address these questions head on in this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, and dissect whether memberships are a passing fad or whether there’s a future for this industry.

Episode Summary:

  • Why it feels like everyone is suddenly jumping on the membership bandwagon
  • What is the “recency illusion” and how does this affect the membership market?
  • Signs that the stage is set for significant growth in the membership industry
  • The real danger that the rise of memberships and subscriptions poses to your business

Key Quotes:

“When someone discovers the membership model for the first time, and they start diving into the topic, they suddenly become hyper aware of absolutely any mention of memberships. And so it seems like all of a sudden, everyone and their cousin is talking about online memberships, or starting one of their own.”

“Reports by Social Media Examiner and both indicate an increasing amount of creators, experters, content producers, and influencers planning to prioritize the creation of digital products such as memberships as their primary revenue source”

“Big players are entering the membership space now. Patreon are heavily embracing the model, and you also have the huge names like Facebook and YouTube, who are now starting to offer membership subscription options in their Creator programs too. And recent announcements by Apple also show that they’re moving even further into the subscription membership space. So as a business model, if you’re worried that this is a fad, you can rest assured that memberships are not going anywhere soon.”

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