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6 Simple Ways to Make Your Members Feel Extra Special

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Are you delivering an exceptional member experience?

Your membership could have the best content in the world, but if your member experience isn’t up to scratch then people just aren’t going to engage.

They’re less likely to log in, less likely to consume your content or participate in your community, and ultimately less likely to stick around long term.

Much of crafting a remarkable member experience comes down to finding ways of making your members feel extra special, and in this episode I highlight 6 simple ways to do just that.

Episode Summary:

  • Don’t underestimate the importance of personally welcoming new members to your site
  • How making a deliberate effort to loop other members into conversations can be hugely empowering
  • Why you need to be attentive to your power users and reach out to people who are slipping away
  • How using your platform to showcase members and celebrate their successes is a major win-win

Key Quotes:

“People love hearing their own name, so that recognition can go a long, long way. Just the fact that you’ve noticed that they joined and you’re expressing your appreciation for the fact that they’re here, that’s going to make them feel pretty special.

“Cultivate a culture within your community where all wins – big or small – are celebrated. You can have a whole section in your community that is dedicated to enabling people to share their wins, whether it’s a huge financial result, a massive weight loss, or even just getting a nice bit of feedback from one of their customers.When they share it, you can then jump in, celebrate it, give them a pat on the back. Again, that validation, that recognition, people love that stuff.”

“Pay attention to your community, keep an eye and learn who are the people who are power users who are always there, participating regularly in the forum, in your Facebook group. Pay attention if they start slipping away. If someone who is a regular fixture suddenly disappears, reach out to them personally. Let them know that you’ve noticed their absence, that you care, and that hopefully you’re going to get them back into the membership.”

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