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Jeff Goins on Monetizing your Skills and Creativity

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We’ve all come across the concept of the “starving artist” – the notion that to pursue creativity and artistry is to sacrifice any hope of making money. Jeff Goins is on a mission to dispel this myth.

Many successful memberships are built around the skills and passions of their founder; however we’ve seen time and time again in our community that in more traditionally “creative” industries there can be a little resistance to the idea of monetization – almost as if to do so would be “selling out.”

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, Jeff Goins breaks down where this whole idea came from and how you can shake this mindset and effectively monetize your skills and creativity.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Where the whole idea of the “starving artist” originated from; and the surprising truth about how wrong it is!
  • How you can shake limiting mindsets around monetizing your creativity
  • How Jeff Goins uses his books to sell digital products
  • The 3 steps anyone can take to start monetizing their skills

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