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Janet Murray on How to Get Media Coverage for your Membership

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It’s easy to assume that mainstream media coverage is the domain of celebrities, huge businesses and crazies claiming to know where the aliens took Elvis.

As such, most membership site owners don’t even think about trying to use PR to get their story out there, as they see traditional media as out of their reach.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I’m joined by Janet Murray who not only explains why this isn’t the case but also gives advice and tips from her 15+ years in journalism on how you can attract media attention for your membership site.

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Many membership sites revolve around their founder or founders positioning themselves as an authority on a given topic or in a specific market; and attracting media coverage can be invaluable to establishing and strengthening that credibility.

Even if you’re not running an authority-based membership, chances are you have a story to tell that it would benefit you to share with the world.

This interview is packed with actionable advice and tips that work, from someone who not only has been in the industry for a decade and a half, but also helps countless businesses and individuals to get media attention too.

If your business would benefit in any way from media coverage, then this really is a can’t-miss episode.

In this episode, Janet Murray and I discuss:

  • Where traditional media fits into the current marketing mix for membership owners
  • What sort of thing journalists are looking for, and why it’s not what you think it is!
  • How to overcome fear that you or your business are not interesting enough
  • Janet’s easy to implement tips for making yourself more attractive to media outlets
  • How to build relationships with journalists and find opportunities for media coverage
  • … and a whole lot more!

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