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Utilizing Guest Experts for your Membership Content

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While in a lot of cases people will have joined your membership to get the benefit of your particular expertise; bringing in experts in complimentary topics can add a lot to your offering.

Not only does inviting guest contributors increase the value and variety you provide to your members; but it's also a smart strategy for minimizing the workload involved in creating all membership content yourself.

In this episode I talk more about ways to make best use of guest contributors for your membership, as well as how to approach experts and get them to agree to be involved.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • The benefits of inviting other experts to contribute to your membership
  • How best to approach your guests and convince them to get involved
  • Examples of the types of membership content you might ask a guest to contribute
  • How to make it easier for your potential guest to say “yes!”

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Key Quotes

“Inviting guests to teach in your membership enables you to tap into expertise that maybe you don't have yourself. So to expose your members to others people's specialties, other peoples real niche focus areas, their experiences, knowledge that you just don't have. That provides a far richer learning experience for them, a far richer resource, in terms of equipping them to do whatever it is they joined your site to do.”

“The key thing with landing the people you want to come in as guests, is to just ask. People are so fearful of reaching out to experts and influencers, to ask them to contribute to their membership. But the absolute worst case scenario is you send an email to someone, and they reply and say no.”

“Don't get sucked in this trap of only inviting in the ‘big guns'. Someone who's lesser known but who has rich experience and a lot of very specific knowledge could be far more useful to your members than someone who just happens to have self-promoted themselves very well. So look at your existing network, who do you know who could provide value to your members?”

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