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6 Quick & Easy Membership Sales Tactics To Try Out This Month

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Much of the marketing advice you’ll come across conditions you seek out a magic bullet that will unlock a tidal wave of leads and sales.

The blueprint for the perfect funnel; the foolproof launch strategy; the latest killer Facebook ads hack.

It’s all nonsense.

There is no “easy button” – and the people telling you there is are almost always trying to sell you something (or regurgitating the advice of someone else whose “magic beans” they bought)

Truth is that it’s extremely rare to find one big thing that will move the needle in your membership. It’s about doing a lot of the little things, and doing them well.

This week, I’m sharing with you 6 very quick, very simple marketing tactics that you can try out with minimal time or effort. Some of these might sound obvious to you, but so often we see people overlooking the no-brainer stuff because they’re searching for that magic bullet.

So, forget searching for your ‘Golden Goose’, listen to the episode and give some of these ideas a try…

Episode Summary:

  • The totally obvious marketing tasks that so many membership owners shy away from
  • A simple 5 minute tactic that will start a whole bunch of sales conversations
  • Easy ways to whet people’s appetite, show them behind the scenes and create FOMO that will compel them to join
  • Why a lot of marketing advice out there is nonsense – and the surprising source of over 50% of our own sales that goes against what you may have been told.

Key Quotes:

“If you’ve not sent a promotional email about your membership in a while, do that today. If you don’t just want to send a straight up pitch email, consider choosing one feature of your membership. One course, one workshop, one expert who’s done a webinar. One benefit or maybe even a case study of a successful member, and make that the focal point of your email. The main point is to send a promotional email in which you are flat out trying to sell your membership. 

“Make sure that you have a direct call to action on your website and on the thank you pages that people see after they opted in to your email list. Sounds obvious, right? But you would be amazed how many people have it in their head that it is an absolute no-no to ever mention their membership unless somebody has gone through a convoluted sales funnel.”

“Memberships can be difficult to explain. So being able to just show people around the site, going from screen to screen, showing how everything works and how everything ties together, sometimes that’s the best way of demonstrating and communicating what you actually offer and getting people interested in joining.”

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