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How to Add Multiple Revenue Streams to an Existing Membership Business

While running a membership site can highly profitable on its own, it doesn’t have to be the only piece of your business puzzle.

Complementing your membership website with a diverse range of products and offerings can not only give you increased income from multiple revenue streams but also enable you to better serve a greater proportion of your audience.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I discuss ways in which you can add multiple revenue streams to an existing membership business.

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Getting Value from Live Events as a Membership Site Owner

When you’re running an online business like a membership website, the idea of going to live events as a way of growing that business may be counterintuitive when you’re spending so much time behind your computer screen.

However for membership site owners; conferences, workshops, mastermind days and other such events hold potentially even greater opportunities than for other kinds of businesses; and in this episode I talk a little more about how you can extract huge value from regularly attending live events.

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Top Reasons Why People Join a Membership Site

Do you know the reasons why your members joined your membership site?

Understanding this is key to being able to effectively position, market, run and grow a successful membership business; however often it’s far too easy to get caught up in the features of your offering.

In this episode I talk about some of the main reasons why people typically join membership sites, and give my advice on how to tap into these in order to better grow your own site…

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Will a Membership Site Provide Passive Income?

These days ‘Passive Income’ seems to be the pot of gold (quite literally!) at the end of the entrepreneur rainbow. So it’s not surprising that people might think and hope that a membership site is a good way to achieve this.

But the short, honest, answer to this frequently asked question is actually no, I wouldn’t say a membership site was the best way to achieve passive income – although it can certainly be a lot more passive than a service business.

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