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Tackling the 6 Biggest Challenges Every New Membership Owner Faces

So you’ve toiled for weeks and months – planning the perfect membership, wrestling with technology, and now that you’ve finally opened the doors you can take a big sigh of relief that the hard work and headaches are over.

Right? Wrong!

Once your membership is up and running, that’s when the real work begins!

In the latest episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I dive into the 6 most common challenges that every new membership site owner faces; and give you my insight and advice so that you don’t have to face them alone.

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4 Options for Tracking Vital Membership Metrics

As a membership site owner it’s really important to know the numbers behind your membership. And it’s something a lot of membership site owners don’t really do, or don’t do fully.

In this article we’re taking a look at some of the metrics you should be tracking each month, as well as different ways that you can do this, and how that may change as your membership grows.

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Pat Flynn’s 6 Key Tactics for Validating Your Membership Idea

When it comes to researching and testing ideas, Pat Flynn wrote the book.


In addition to his insanely popular blog and podcast, Pat is also the author of the New York Times bestselling book, Will it Fly? How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money.

It’s a fantastic book with helpful exercises to evaluate, research, and prove your ideas before you roll out.

Evaluating your idea is crucial when it comes to membership websites, so we jumped at the chance to have Pat share his best advice for validating your membership idea.

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How to Win Back Your Lapsed and Cancelled Members

So many membership owners live in fear of their members cancelling.

It kind of makes sense, because the goal of a membership site is to retain its members for as long as possible and so when someone leaves – whatever the reason – it’s hard not to see that as a negative.

However when a member cancels, it doesn’t have to be the end of the road.

In this podcast I talk about why cancellations don’t mean it’s all over, and how implementing a ‘win-back’ strategy is essential for getting lapsed and cancelled members to return.

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5 Reasons Why I Dislike the Closed Door Membership Strategy

In many ways, launching a new membership website is one of the biggest marketing opportunities you’ll experience as a membership owner.

So it makes sense why some people may advocate for constantly closing and re-opening your membership in order to recapture that opportunity over and over again.

But it’s not quite as simple as that.

In this episode, I cut through the hype and talk about why I strongly dislike “closed door” marketing tactics and why it might not be the best thing for your membership strategy.

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How to Stay Motivated as a Membership Site Owner

There’s a lot to deal with when running a membership website.

Creating content, interacting with your community, dealing with customer support not to mention all of the regular day to day stuff that comes with running a business.

In the early days this can all be very exciting, but once it becomes routine it’s easy for the shine to go off the apple and for it to become tougher to stay motivated; particularly if you start to hit some road bumps or have to handle tricky situations.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I discuss the importance of staying motivated, and how you can keep yourself on track when running a membership site.

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7 Biggest Mistakes that Growing Membership Site Owners Make

The path to membership success is paved with a litany of mistakes.

However you will come to a point where it feel like you truly have your house in order, you’re now on the right track and those initial stumbles are far behind you.

But time and time again we see seasoned membership site owners falling into the same traps as they attempt to manage and grow their business.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most common pitfalls for experienced membership owners and, more importantly, how you can avoid them.

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Why Membership Site Owners Need to Embrace Change

Great memberships are never truly finished.

That’s actually one of the best things about the membership site model. If you are writing a book, creating a course, programming your piece of software; then there’s a lot of pressure to have a polished completed end product.

But with a membership site, some of that pressure is off because people understand that they are boarding a moving train. That when they join a membership, it’s going to change, it’s going to evolve and that as members they could be a part of shaping it’s future.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I look further into why embracing change is key to the long term success of your membership site, and give examples of how adapting over time has played a role in the progress of 6 and 7 figure memberships.

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6 Areas to Focus on When Scaling Your Membership Business

In the early days of running your membership, you’ll find yourself preoccupied with the day to day, short-term stuff.

How many new members did we get this week? Have we had any cancellations? Do I have enough time to get this new piece of content out to members?

However once things have settled and stabilised then it’s time to think bigger in terms of how you’re going to scale and grow your membership over the long term. When that time inevitably arrives, here are the 6 key areas you’ll need to focus on…

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