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5 Essential Emails Every Membership Sales Series Needs

Looking to drive sign ups for your membership using email marketing?

Well that’s good because your email list can be a gold mine for bringing in new members!

That’s because when someone subscribes to your email list, they’re expressing an intent…

They want to learn more from you.

So this is the perfect time to strike while the iron is hot…

And send them an automated series of email follow ups.

These emails are specifically designed to let your subscribers get to know you and your brand better…

What you offer, how you can help them…

And begin sowing the seeds to nurture your relationship further with the aim of eventually converting subscribers to paying members…

Sounds good doesn’t it?

But what should these emails cover?

We’ve got the answer.  

Here are five essential emails that every membership email series needs.

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Why You Need to Take People Behind the Scenes of your Membership

Do your potential members understand your membership offering?

The benefits of joining your membership…

What to expect as a member…

And how you can help them take the necessary steps to reach their desired outcome?

More often than not the answer to this is a resounding no. 

And this can be for many reasons…

The most common of which is that they simply don’t know what’s inside the box.

In other words, they have no idea what goes on inside your membership…

And that’s preventing them pressing the ‘join today’ button on your sales page.

It’s our job as membership website owners to rectify this…

And there’s one very simple but powerful marketing tactic you can use to do that:

Taking them behind the scenes of your membership… 

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Busting The Most Common Membership Marketing Myths

Can you tell the difference between good marketing advice and bad marketing advice?

There’s a lot of info out there about marketing your membership, but in the world of online business unfortunately a lot of it is unhelpful noise at best, and at worst, could be damaging to your reputation.

Many of us have learnt the hard way to stay away from marketers who try and sell you their secret shortcut or silver bullet, however, some of these myths are so common, they’re almost believed to be the industry standard of membership marketing.

So, how do we avoid the nonsense?

I’ve rounded up the six most common membership marketing myths, and how you can avoid them…

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How to Drive Traffic From Your Blog to Your Membership

Most online membership owners use content marketing as a means of attracting new members.

Sharing useful articles, podcasts or videos on their blog is a proven way to generate traffic, establish credibility and build the trust that will have your audience wanting more from you.

But how do you connect the dots between your blog and your membership, so that readers go on to become members?

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Facebook Remarketing Strategies for Membership Websites

Facebook remarketing is one of the most exciting developments in online advertising in recent years.

Now, instead of being limited to picking demographics and targeting options that we think relate to our target audience; we can actually leverage actual user behaviour to determine which ads they are shown.

When it comes to membership sites, there are 6 key ways in which you can really leverage Facebook remarketing…

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How Often Should You Adjust Your Membership Sales Funnel?

Your sales funnel is a key part of attracting new members to your community; and so it’s no surprise that some membership owners have a constant itch to tweak and tinker with every little detail.

However making constant adjustments to your funnel is seriously counter-productive and could actually be hurting your business.

So, how often should you adjust your membership sales funnels?

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Using Facebook Ads to Promote Your Membership with Gavin Bell

Do you know how to use Facebook ads to grow your membership?

Even if your answer is yes, I bet Gavin Bell can help you do it even better!

If you’ve ever wondered how to get started with Facebook ads, or if you’re using them but want to improve their performance, Gavin is THE person to listen to.

As an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, and Facebook ads specialist, what Gavin doesn’t know about advertising isn’t worth knowing!

In fact not only did we turn to Gavin on numerous occasions for a bunch of our high profile clients – but we also worked with him on our own Facebook advertising strategy too.

I recently had the pleasure of picking his brains for this week’s episode of The Membership Guys Podcast.

He didn’t just share one or two pearls of wisdom; he shared an ocean’s worth…

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Using the ‘Splinter’ Strategy to Sell More Memberships

Memberships can be challenging products to sell, as often they’re made up of so many different things that it’s hard to get specific in your marketing.

One way to counteract that is with the “Splinter” strategy.

This is where you take one piece of content from your membership and you make it available to buy as a standalone product. But you market it in such a way that makes joining your membership a preferable option to purchasing just that one thing.

In this episode I dig deeper into how the “Splinter” strategy works for memberships and talk about how you can start testing it within your own business.

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