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Strategies for Increasing Your Membership Pricing

During the course of running your membership site, there will inevitably come a point where you want to increase your pricing.

Maybe your offering has changed, perhaps you’re responding to increased demand or maybe you just want to earn a little more for your efforts.

Rather than simply raising your prices overnight, check out this latest episode of The Membership Guys Podcast for my tips and strategies to help you to get the best results from increasing your membership pricing…

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6 Ways to Use a Podcast to Promote Your Membership

Podcasting can be an extremely effective outlet for experts and influencers to expand their reach, grow their audience and demonstrate their credibility.

And for membership owners, a podcast can be a great source of new members too.

In fact our podcast is perhaps one of the most important pieces of our marketing puzzle, and helps generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in membership sales each and every year.

In this week’s episode of that very podcast, I share 6 ways that you can use podcasting to promote and grow your membership website.

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7 Ways to Make More Money With Your Membership (And 3 Things to Avoid)

If you’re trying to make more money from your membership business there are two main ways you can go.

One is to try to increase revenue from your existing membership site – and the other is to look at opportunities for offering additional products and services to your customers.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I explore the 7 main options worth exploring – along with the 3 avenues you absolutely should NOT go down…

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Are You Undercharging For Your Membership Site? Probably Not…

Membership pricing is an inexact science.

It’s natural to wonder whether you’ve found the sweet spot in terms of what you should be charging your members.

However we’ve seen an increasing amount of people taking completely the wrong approach due to not really being able to wrap their head around the membership model, and as a result making some poor decisions when it comes to setting their membership pricing.

In this episode, I help you to figure out whether you’re actually undercharging for your membership, or if you’re just thinking about it the wrong way

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Should I Charge Monthly or Annually for My Membership Site?

Monthly vs annual billing: which is the best option for your membership?

How regularly you charge your members has an effect on generating sales, engagement inside your membership as well as member retention. Not to mention the implications on your business itself in terms of stability, cashflow and more.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I dig deep into the pros and cons of each type of subscription frequency; as well as present some additional and alternative options for membership billing.

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Should You Offer a Money Back Guarantee for your Membership?

There’s always an element of risk for prospective members when they consider joining your site…

How will they know if it’s the right fit for them? 

The truth is they won’t until they login and take a look around.

But what if there was a way to give them some extra protection that might incentivize them to press that ‘buy’ button and find out for themselves?

Money-back guarantees can do that… 

They’re a simple and effective feature you can add to your membership that will work in favor of both you and your members.

Here’s how…

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How Membership Site Owners Can Capitalize on Black Friday

Black Friday is almost upon us…

What was once a US-centric highlight (or for some, a ‘low-light’) of the holiday shopping season is now a global grab for hot deals and discounts.

And for those of us who prefer not to be trampled in a supermarket doorway, the Internet provides plenty of opportunity for frenzied bargain-hunting.

As a membership site owner, it also presents business opportunities and indeed some challenges to content with; so here are our top tips for how to survive and even thrive this Black Friday

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Pros and Cons of Offering Lifetime Memberships

It’s easy to see why the strategy of offering lifetime memberships is a divisive one.

Unquestionably the biggest benefit of the membership model lies in recurring revenue, so the notion of providing unlimited access to your site for a single one-off fee may seem counter-intuitive; however as we discuss in this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast there are definite pros and cons to this strategy…

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