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4 Tips for validating your membership site or online course idea

When inspiration strikes and you come up with an idea for a membership website or some other product or service that you’re convinced is a winner, all too often it’s easy to get carried away in trying to make it a reality without every stopping to really examine whether your idea is actually as solid as you’re convinced it is.

Before you invest countless hours and immeasurable quantities of blood, sweat and tears into your new project, it’s highly worth taking the time to validate your big idea.

Here are my top tips for doing just that…

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6 Reasons That Your Membership Website Absolutely Sucks!

Are you worried that your membership website kind of sucks? Hopefully not.

I’m sure you’ve got plenty of happy members who are giving you great feedback and showing you that your hard work is actually making a positive change in their world.

But there are unfortunately a lot of membership sites out there that do – to be frank – completely suck.

So if you’re someone who is running one of those websites, then in this episode I’m going to share some of the reasons why your membership sucks.

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Are Your Long-Standing Members Actually Loyal to your Membership?

Is the fact that someone continues subscribing to your membership really a sign of loyalty?

So much of our time as membership site owners is spent trying to attract new members, and worrying about those who cancel, that it’s easy to take for granted the ones who continue paying us month after month.

We tend to assume that those members are happy, content and loyal; but quite often that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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6 Things Membership Owners Need to Stop Worrying About

Membership owners have a lot on their plates in the day to day running of their website.

There’s more than enough to think about without piling onto your worries by concerning yourself with situations and things you perceive as problems, that you either have no control over or that you really shouldn’t be occupying your time with.
In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I look at the 6 most common culprits when it comes to things which membership owners let trouble them, keep them up at night and weigh on their mind; and I’m going to share why they’re really not a big deal and how to put them out of your thoughts.

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Marketing Tactics for Attracting New Members – Part Two

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to marketing a membership website.

However there are a number of tactics and strategies that are proven to work well, or that take advantage of some of the unique elements that come with running a membership website.

In the concluding episode of a two-part podcast series, I discuss a variety of different marketing tips that you can use for your own membership in order to increase sales and have a steady stream of new members joining your site.

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Marketing Tactics for Attracting New Members – Part One

Sales are the lifeblood of a successful membership business.

While being able to hang onto those members is critical to the long term health of your site, the best retention strategy in the world is useless if you’re not bringing in members in the first place.

In the first of a two-part podcast series, I discuss a variety of different marketing tips and tactics that you can use for your own membership in order to increase sales and have a steady stream of new members joining your site.

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9 Signs That You Shouldn’t Start a Membership Website

It’s a new year, time for resolutions and focusing on new projects; and for many that means deciding to start a membership website.

However rather than joining the countless people out there dishing out motivational platitudes and encouragement by the bucket-full; I’ve decided to take a different approach for this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast.

Instead, I’m going to try to talk you out of it, by giving you the 9 signs that it might be a bad idea to start a membership site.

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10 Most Popular Episodes of The Membership Guys Podcast in 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, we’re in a reflective mood here at The Membership Guys HQ.

It’s been a great year for us and for many within our community; and a particular highlight has been the growth and evolution of The Membership Guys Podcast.

We’ve had the great privilege of being joined by a number of great guests, and it’s been humbling that many of our most popular episodes feature only Mike and, well, a mic!
In this special holiday edition of the show, I’m counting down the 10 most popular episodes according to download numbers during 2016, and revisiting some of the biggest gems and value-bombs from them all.

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Why It’s Important to Take Time Away from Your Membership

In some circles, working every hour under the sun and being so busy that you’re eating your Christmas lunch with your laptop on your knee, is seen almost as a badge of honour. Evidence that you’re “hustling” harder than anyone else and as a result your business will be more successful.

It doesn’t work like that.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast we talk about why taking a break is so important, and I share a story about when I first realised that the world doesn’t stop spinning if you step away from your business.

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How to Attract New Members by Running a Free Challenge

Most memberships are focussed on helping people to reach a goal or achieve some sort of positive outcome.

Whether you enable this with courses, worksheets and tools, community or something else – it’s the result that matters.

Running a free online challenge as part of your audience building and lead generation strategy taps into this in a big way and as a result can be one of the most effective tactics for attracting new members.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I share a lesson taken directly from our Building an Audience course where we talk specifically about running an online challenge to grow your membership.

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