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When is it The Right Time to Start a Membership Site?

Is now the right time for you to start a membership site?

You might have been thinking about this for a while…

But you’re not sure how or when to start exploring this further…

Or even if it’s a good idea to start one at all!

(Let’s be honest… owning a membership isn’t for everyone.)

The thing is, memberships are a complex business model…

There are a lot of moving parts and things to consider to keep the machine spinning…

And timing is everything. 

Memberships aren’t the type of business you should start on a whim…

The last thing you want is to realize a few months in that you probably should have waited or prepared a bit more…

And once you’re up and running, it’s a lot harder to roll back your plans because you’ve got people counting on you (and paying for their subscription.)

So, to avoid getting into that situation, you’ll want to think about timing first.

So are you ready? 

Let’s take a look at some good indicators that will help you decide…

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How We Built Our Audience Before Launching Our Membership

How do you build an audience before you launch your membership?

This is a question every successful membership owner has had to contemplate at one point.

Because doing things the other way around – launching a membership and then trying to find an audience – simply doesn’t work.

When Callie and I decided to launch Membership Academy, we started pretty much from zero…

We had little to no audience and our marketing activity was inconsistent…

Yet we’ve gone on to build a seven figure business that has attracted thousands of members…

So how did we do it? 

Here’s the story of how we built our audience before launching our membership…

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What to Do When Your Membership Topic Has a Natural ‘End Date’

What should you do when your membership topic has a natural ‘end date?’

A fixed point when members have achieved what they set out to do and simply don’t need to stay subscribed to your membership.

For example, planning for a wedding or a birth, working towards a qualification or navigating the application process for college…

All of these topics have a very definitive outcome, that once achieved renders your membership redundant.

There are also topics that your members will simply outgrow…

Like a beginners level membership on podcasting, for example, which members will eventually complete and potentially want to move onto the next level.

If your membership topic has a natural ‘end date’, you might be banging your head against a wall trying to figure out what you can do to make people stay in your community after they’ve achieved what they joined to do…

But should you just accept it?

Or do you find ways to adapt your business to prevent members from leaving?

Let’s look at your options…

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Setting Goals for Your Membership Business: A Practical Process

Setting goals for your membership is an essential part of fuelling continuous growth.

But simply setting them isn’t enough…

Actually following them through and achieving your goals is a whole other challenge.

And often that’s where people fall short.

To make sure you get where you want to go, you need to have a solid process, one that not only ensures that the goals you’re setting are realistic, but also achievable.

Setting unrealistic goals without a clear plan of action pretty much guarantees failure.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry we’ve got your back!

In this article, we’ll be sharing with you a practical goal-setting method that we’ve used to grow our business.

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Branding Essentials for Your Membership Business

Branding is all about your logo, your website colors, a memorable tagline and your company name… right?

Well, yes and no…

They play their part, but your brand is so much more than that.

It’s what all of these things together represent.

When it comes to your membership, it’s important to develop a brand strategy that reflects your business and conveys it to your audience in a positive way.

This will help you attract new members, retain existing ones and create a loyal fan base. 

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Pros and Cons of Pre-selling Your Membership

Turning your membership idea into a reality can take a lot of time and, often, a lot of money.

As such you might be trying to find a way to raise funds earlier in the process.

Some membership owners do this with a pre-sale.

A pre-sale works like this: you have a great idea for a membership, so you test its viability by taking it to your audience to see if they are willing to invest in your concept (even though it doesn’t exist yet!).

If they are, then you can generate seed money to help finance the development of your membership.

However, before pre-selling your membership idea, it’s important to know the pros and cons…

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Breaking Down the 6 Different Types of Membership Launch

When people think about launching a membership, they think about the day that they finally open their doors for the very first time and welcome their first crop of new members.

It’s a big deal!

However that grand opening isn’t the only opportunity you have to launch…

In fact there are 6 different types of launches that can come into play at various stages of your membership journey…

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Is Starting a Membership Website the Right Move for You?

Starting a membership is exciting, nerve-wracking, and everything in between, but how do you know if it’s the right choice for you?

The decision to start a new membership site is not one to be taken lightly.

It’s a big commitment – and one that can be tricky to back out of once your membership is up and running with paying subscribers.

So it’s important you start a membership for the right reasons and fully understand the type of business you’re getting into.

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8 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Membership Website

Some of the key principles and cornerstones of running a fruitful and brilliant membership are true regardless of whether you’re just starting your membership journey or looking back on your humble beginnings with fondness.

If you’re starting out, these tips could save you a lot of time, stress, and confusion.

And if you’re an established “membershipper”, these tips could be a perfect prompt for you to reinvigorate your membership or solve an issue you’ve been struggling with lately.

Let’s look at the eight essential things you should know before starting a membership…

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5 Best Sources Of Ideas And Inspiration For Your Membership Site

Running a membership site is exciting, rewarding, and… a lot of work.

Sometimes it can be mentally taxing – so when it comes to thinking up fresh ideas for new membership content or features, it’s not uncommon to find that the well has run a little dry…

We all need a helping hand with getting those creative juices flowing every now and again!

That’s why I’ve brought together 5 of the best ways to generate ideas and inspiration for your membership site.

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