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How to Easily Increase Engagement with Member Round-ups

As a membership site owner it’s easy to tie yourself in knots trying to come up with the best ways to get your members to engage with your site, your content, and your community. From fancy progress tracking to complex loyalty schemes; laborious member outreach programs through to advanced gamification systems.

However it can be easy to forget that often some of the less glamorous methods of engagement are the most effective. Like… y’know… simply communicating with your members!

While that may seem obvious, it always surprises me just how many membership site owners neglect their communication strategy.

So today I’m going to take a look at one of my favourite tactics for member communication, engagement and retention – the humble “member roundup”.

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How to Set Boundaries with your Members

One of the more challenging changes that comes with moving to the membership model is dealing with the increase in how many people are contacting you and vying for your attention.

Supporting hundreds or thousands of members can certainly take its toll and becoming uncontrollable without procedures and a solid approach for dealing with handling communication.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast I talk about how you can set boundaries and expectations in order to ensure your membership remains manageable.

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5 Options for Adding a Forum to Your Membership Site

Adding a forum to your site is a great way of creating a membership community, providing more features than other community options such as Facebook groups or Slack groups. However, once you make the decision to use a forum, the question then becomes, which one?

Here we take a look at our 5 favourite options for adding a forum to your membership site, including the main pros and cons of each.

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