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6 Simple Ways to Make Your Members Feel Extra Special

Are you delivering an exceptional member experience?

Your membership could have the best content in the world, but if your member experience isn’t up to scratch then people just aren’t going to engage.

They’re less likely to log in, less likely to consume your content or participate in your community, and ultimately less likely to stick around long term.

Much of crafting a remarkable member experience comes down to finding ways of making your members feel extra special, and in this episode I highlight 6 simple ways to do just that.

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Creative Ways to Improve Your Member Experience with Andrew and Pete

In today’s online world you’re increasingly competing with a lot of noise and distraction when it comes to your members time and attention.

How do you stand out?

What can you do to deliver a member experience that will make logging into your membership and spending time in your community preferable to watching hilarious cat videos on YouTube or chatting with friends on Facebook?

Andrew and Pete are two of the most creative content marketers in the world. And that creativity carries over to their own membership community too.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, we look at what they’re doing to craft a truly unique and remarkable member experience, and they share their tips on how you can think outside the lines and start being more creative with your membership.

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8 Simple Ways to Add a Personal Touch to your Membership

The one-to-many aspect of the membership model is one of it’s greatest benefits.

Being able to serve your audience on a larger scale is what attracts a lot of membership owners to this type of business – however it does come at a cost.

The larger your membership grows, the less able you are to create a more personal connection with individual members, and that can be unsatisfying for both them and you.

However there are still ways you can add a personal touch to your membership, even with hundreds and thousands of members to serve, and in this episode I talk about 8 of the best ways to do that.

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The Potential Downsides of Using Gamification In Your Membership

Gamification is the strategy of using gameplay elements as a means of encouraging engagement with your product, course or membership.

Typically with membership sites, this manifests itself as point systems, badges and other rewards for completing content or contributing in your community.

While gamification can be a highly effective strategy, it isn’t a “magic button” for creating an engaging member experience, and if implemented poorly can actually have an adverse effect on your membership.

In this episode I discuss some of the potential problems with using gamification techniques for memberships.

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4 Simple But Effective Ways to Deliver Massive Value to Your Members

Far too often, creating content gets confused with delivering value.

Membership owners find themselves on a treadmill of grinding out epic course after epic course because they’re convinced it’s the only way to keep their members happy and – ultimately – keep them subscribed.

It’s not as simple as that.

Memberships aren’t a competition to see who can give members the most “stuff” – it goes deeper than that, and often you can deliver a lot of member value for a relatively small amount of effort.

In this episode, I look at 4 no-brainer ways that you could be ramping up the value proposition of your membership. 

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3 Tactics We’re Currently Experimenting With Inside Membership Academy

Much of what we do as membership site owners involves experimentation.

Regardless of what some people may try to tell you, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy or magic formula for membership success; you have to test and figure out what works for you.

We recently pulled back the curtain inside Membership Academy to share our own experiments and tests with our members as part of the new ‘Membership Lab’ – and feedback has been incredible.

In this episode, I give an overview of 3 of the most recent tactics we’ve been experimenting with ourselves.

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5 Types of Content That Will Increase Member Engagement

When charging a monthly payment for access to your membership site, member engagement is key.

It’s not enough to have static content that never changes, as once that’s been consumed by your members they’ll have very little reason to stick around.

Many membership site owners set out with the intention of continuously adding new courses and premium content to their site; however this typically proves easier said than done, and often the logistics of doing so can be too great an undertaking.

Fortunately there are a number of types of content you can produce that will add value to your membership site and give your members something to get their teeth into without requiring a huge amount of effort on your part

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4 Ways to Ensure That Your Members Will Stick Around

Keeping your members engaged and happy is key to maximizing your member lifecycle and, as a result, ensuring the success of your membership site.

When members aren’t engaged, that’s when they’ll start to question whether it’s worth sticking with your site and whether they’re getting what they’re paying for.

Fortunately there are a variety of things that you can do in order to encourage your members to stick around…

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