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Switching Membership Enrolment Models: Open to Closed

Are you thinking of switching your membership enrolment model from open to closed? 

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that I’m not usually the biggest fan of the closed-door model…

In my experience, the memberships that do best are the ones that are always open…

However, there are definitely some situations where a closed-door membership makes sense…

And I’m not here to convince you otherwise.

What I am here for is to help you prepare to make this switch…

To consider all the implications…

And prepare you for what’s next once your doors are closed.

Because managing a closed-door membership is very different in a lot of ways from an open-door one…

And many people who make the switch aren’t fully aware of what lies ahead for them…

And find the process difficult to manage…

Or regret their decision to make the change…

Let’s make sure you’re not one of them! 

Here’s what you should take into consideration before switching your membership from an open to a closed-door model…

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12 Universal Truths of Membership Marketing

As membership site owners, we’re constantly looking for new ways to market ourselves…

But the world of online marketing moves quickly.

Things are always changing, always evolving.

And it can seem like every day there’s a new tactic or platform we need to jump on to drive member sales.

However for as fast-moving as things may seem, it’s important to recognise something:

There are some core universal marketing truths that will never, EVER change. 

Before you get too carried away with that shiny new platform or this months hot new marketing trend – here are a few key things you need to remember…

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How We Built Our Audience Before Launching Our Membership

How do you build an audience before you launch your membership?

This is a question every successful membership owner has had to contemplate at one point.

Because doing things the other way around – launching a membership and then trying to find an audience – simply doesn’t work.

When Callie and I decided to launch Membership Academy, we started pretty much from zero…

We had little to no audience and our marketing activity was inconsistent…

Yet we’ve gone on to build a seven figure business that has attracted thousands of members…

So how did we do it? 

Here’s the story of how we built our audience before launching our membership…

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Using Instagram Stories to Promote Your Membership

Instagram is by far one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

Everyone from influencers and small businesses to large corporates are using it daily to promote their brands…

And you can see why with all its nifty features.

But that’s not what Instagram was originally designed for.

Its original purpose as a photo sharing app was for users to post images of food, sunsets and selfies.

That’s why out of all of the social media platforms, Instagram isn’t always the easiest one to use to promote your membership business…

One of the main reasons for this is that it doesn’t allow you to share a link in your posts like you can on other channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

So how do you actively promote your membership without the ability to post links?

Use Instagram Stories.

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Running a Membership over the Holidays – 6 Things You Should Do

Running a membership business over the holidays can be a challenge.

It should be a time to take a break, sit back and relax.

But, maybe not everyone in your community celebrates the festive season, so you think you should carry on working throughout…

Or maybe this is your first year managing a membership site and you’re not sure how to navigate working over the festive period.

If either of these sound like you, then you should read on…

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Branding Essentials for Your Membership Business

Branding is all about your logo, your website colors, a memorable tagline and your company name… right?

Well, yes and no…

They play their part, but your brand is so much more than that.

It’s what all of these things together represent.

When it comes to your membership, it’s important to develop a brand strategy that reflects your business and conveys it to your audience in a positive way.

This will help you attract new members, retain existing ones and create a loyal fan base. 

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Busting The Most Common Membership Marketing Myths

Can you tell the difference between good marketing advice and bad marketing advice?

There’s a lot of info out there about marketing your membership, but in the world of online business unfortunately a lot of it is unhelpful noise at best, and at worst, could be damaging to your reputation.

Many of us have learnt the hard way to stay away from marketers who try and sell you their secret shortcut or silver bullet, however, some of these myths are so common, they’re almost believed to be the industry standard of membership marketing.

So, how do we avoid the nonsense?

I’ve rounded up the six most common membership marketing myths, and how you can avoid them…

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How to Start Building an Audience for Your Membership Site

Building an audience is essential to the success of your membership.

After all if you have no audience to speak of, then who are you going to sell to? Where are your members going to come from?

“Build it and they will come” is, unfortunately, a myth – so you need to invest time in growing your own audience in terms of your email subscribers, website visits, podcast listeners, social followers and, of course, paying members.

But where do you start? How do you actually find your audience?

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How to Drive Traffic From Your Blog to Your Membership

Most online membership owners use content marketing as a means of attracting new members.

Sharing useful articles, podcasts or videos on their blog is a proven way to generate traffic, establish credibility and build the trust that will have your audience wanting more from you.

But how do you connect the dots between your blog and your membership, so that readers go on to become members?

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Facebook Remarketing Strategies for Membership Websites

Facebook remarketing is one of the most exciting developments in online advertising in recent years.

Now, instead of being limited to picking demographics and targeting options that we think relate to our target audience; we can actually leverage actual user behaviour to determine which ads they are shown.

When it comes to membership sites, there are 6 key ways in which you can really leverage Facebook remarketing…

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