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Building a Thriving Member Community with Melissa West

Melissa West joins Callie for this episode of Behind the Membership. Melissa has had her membership for nearly eight years now and here she shares how she went from burnout to setting up her membership with her husband Tim, how the membership has evolved over the years, and the importance of community and relationships in her long term success.

Melissa also talks about how she uses YouTube to attract new members and some of the things that she does to ensure her membership community continues to thrive, including how she’s built a team of committed volunteers that help her with her membership on a day-to-day basis, and a counterintuitive content strategy that she has introduced that is working really well for increasing engagement and retention.

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Connecting One to One with Potential Members with Louise Brogan

Louise Brogan from Social Bee Academy joins Callie for this episode of Behind the Membership. Louise has run the Social Bee Academy for around 18 months now and shares what’s been working for her when it comes to attracting new members, including how connecting one to one with people via in person workshops as well as online via Facebook and LinkedIn messenger have been great ways to grow her site.

Louise also talks about the challenges and highlights of her membership journey so far, including why she has moved from a closed model to always being open, and how seeing the results from her members makes everything worthwhile. And you’ll also hear why Louise plans to focus even more on her membership this year and really make the membership a priority in her business!

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Going the Extra Mile for Your Members with Mike Collins

In this Behind the Membership episode Callie talks with Mike Collins from The Green Room who, over the five years and thousands of members that they’ve had, have crafted an amazing community of people, connected by their Irish ancestry, all over the world.

Listen in to hear all about the special touches The Green Room provides to really make their members feel connected and part of something, including how Mike manages to travel around the world creating living history for his members. And of course you’ll hear about some of their challenges along the way too, like finding the right team members and learning how to attract members on a consistent basis.

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6 Biggest Takeaways from Behind the Membership Season Two

As we get ready for Season 3 of the Behind the Membership podcast we thought a great way to prepare for another awesome season would be to take a look back at some of the biggest lessons and key takeaways that emerged from Season 2.

Long time listeners will know that our guests come from a very wide range of different niches and styles of memberships. Some have been up and running for just a few months, others have been around for years. We cover a lot of territory!

However there are several underlying threads throughout the stories of all of our guests that I want to share with you here…

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Conquering Multiple Membership Markets with Jared Falk

Jared Falk from Musora and Drumeo joins Callie on the last episode of Season 2 of Behind the Membership.

Jared has not one, but four membership sites, all in different music niches. And with over 10,000 active members in his original membership site, Drumeo, and having served over 200,000 customers so far in his business, he’s achieved a lot by anyone’s standards.

In this episode Jared is discussing world domination when it comes to membership sites, including how he is replicating his successful drum membership site into other markets, and how he’s grown his business to a team of 35, with most working on location in his offices in Canada.

And he reveals why he’s always trying new things when it comes to marketing and retention and how what works for one site doesn’t necessarily work for another.

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Learning to Love the Membership Model with Kim Jimenez

In this episode of Behind the Membership, Callie is talking with Kim Jimenez from The Business Lounge, a membership site for online business owners.

Kim has had her membership for nearly two years now, and in this episode she discusses how she didn’t initially want to create a membership site, what changed that opinion, and how starting one has actually transformed her business and life.

Kim also talks about how she is using YouTube, webinars, and trials to attract new members, and why she has both a Facebook group and an onsite forum for her membership community, and how she balances the two.

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A Member a Day Without Marketing with Nigel Moore

In this episode of Behind the Membership Callie is talking with Nigel Moore all about his membership site, The Tech Tribe.

Nigel offers all members a personal coaching call when they join, has a private coaching section in his community and creates most of his content based on member questions and needs. As a result he’s really tuned into what his members, and his potential members, are looking for and what will help them to get results.

Here Nigel also talks about getting a member a day without marketing, and what happens when he actually turns his marketing funnel on. As well as the challenge of content creation, doing things that don’t necessarily scale, introducing a higher membership tier into the mix, and more.

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Cultivating a Membership Community with Terra Dawn

In today’s episode of Behind the Membership Callie talks with Terra Dawn from Uncork Your Dork and the Wham! Bam! Business Plan!

Terra’s had her membership for over a year now and in this episode they’re talking about why she initially moved from Teachable to WordPress and why she’s recently moved her community from an onsite forum to Mighty Networks, and the effect that this has had on both her engagement and her retention.

Terra also discusses how she uses challenges and summits to market and grow her membership site, how the membership has changed her business focus and what she’s doing next to grow the membership even further

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Low Cost and High Volume with Mark Warner

In this episode of Behind the Membership Callie talks with Mark Warner about his membership site for teachers, Teaching Packs.

Mark has a very different model to most membership site owners, offering only a very low cost non-recurring annual membership. So we’re talking about why Mark made that decision, and how it’s enabled him to attract 15,000 teachers to his membership over the last five years, as well as completely transform his own life in the process.

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Hiring as You Grow with Tim Topham

In this episode of Behind the Membership, Callie talks with Tim Topham from, whose membership site is all about helping piano teachers to improve both their creative skills and their teaching businesses.

Listen in to hear how Tim made the leap from his teaching job to full time membership site owner, and the challenges and opportunities that that’s brought for him.

Plus Tim shares his advice on growing a team for your membership, making your first hire early, bringing in other content creators and the importance of just getting started and fine tuning as you go. And much more!

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