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Replacing the Family Income in Just 8 Months with Jenny Finnell

We’re kicking off season five of Behind The Membership with an awesome guest. Jenny Finnell is Founder of CRNA School Prep Academy, a highly specialized membership for nurses in the United States who want to become Registered Nurse Anesthetists. 

The Academy has recently reached its first memberversary and in that time has become a big success – so much so that Jenny was able to retire her husband within eight months of launching the membership!  

In this episode we talk to Jenny about her membership journey so far. How some queries from nurses resulted in her creating a free Facebook group that sowed the seeds for her idea of the Academy, why she hired a team to help her ahead of her launch and how she’s growing her membership successfully with little to no marketing. 

Plus we talk about the challenges she faces managing her time juggling life as a mom of three children (one of which is a newborn) while managing the Academy, how the flexibility of the membership model enables her to better serve her members and much much more! 

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Doubling Your Member Base During a Pandemic with Katie Wardrobe

Katie Wardrobe from Midnight Music, a membership specialising in helping music teachers with technology, is the final guest for season four of Behind the Membership.

Midnight Music has been running for 4 years now and while it has always been successful, Katie has managed to nearly double her member base during the current pandemic, even though she has actually been focused on providing more free content and resources for her audience during this time.

In this episode we talk about how Katie has started providing her previous member only webinars for free each month, attracting thousands of attendees each time, her experiments with creating live courses to keep members engaged and boost sales, and why she reduced her price during the pandemic.

We also talk about the increased challenges involved when schools are paying for a teachers membership, how Katie engages her members by answering forum questions via video, hiring a content manager to keep her free content on track and much, much more!

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Creating a High Level Coaching Membership with Coach Pamela Mitchell

Pamela Mitchell has been a professional coach since 2003, with a focus on helping people to reinvent their careers so that they can live a life that they love. When demand for her services became too high, she decided to launch a membership offering – the Reinvention Launch Club – in order to help more people.

It wasn’t all plain sailing though and in this episode Coach Pamela discusses the mindset shifts that needed to happen for her to be able to move from creating a more traditional content focused and high volume membership to a smaller, more curated and intimate experience where the focus is on individual and group coaching.

We also talk about how Pamela makes use of associate coaches to provide a more one-to-one experience for her members without needing to spend all of her own time coaching, the challenge of finding your own path and being clear on what you enjoy and what’s going to give your members the best results when creating your membership model, and the quest to find the perfect community solution.

Plus lots more!

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Setting Ambitious Goals for Your Membership with John Michaloudis

John Michaloudis from MyExcelOnline, a membership which helps people to become Excel experts, is this week’s guest on Behind the Membership. 

John started his membership just two years ago after growing tired of running course launches, and with 1600 members is already a third of the way to his goal of making $100,000 per month with the membership. 

In this episode John is talking all about how he is using evergreen webinars with fast action bonuses to make sales every day, and how email marketing and Facebook ads also contribute to his sales. 

John also shares how moving from a Facebook group to a forum for his community is one of the best things he’s done, and how John isn’t actually the person answering members questions in his community. 

Plus we talk all about the benefits of adding things like Trustpilot reviews to a sales process, creating a business you can take 6 months away from and how member success stories make all the work worthwhile.

And of course, much more!

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Creating a Custom Web App for Your Members with Marisha Mets

Marisha Mets from SLP Now, a membership for speech language practitioners, is this week’s guest on Behind the Membership. 

SLP Now has been running for over four years and over that time has evolved from a simple membership to a full web app offering thousands of practitioners teaching resources and even their own CRM and case tools.

In this episode Marisha talks all about how she went from creating resources for her own use to launching a hugely successful membership and the challenges she’s had along the way, including learning how to manage her time effectively and finding the right developers to create her app.

We also talk about the benefits of starting simple, and how a membership has helped give Marisha more freedom and flexibility, particularly when faced with health challenges. Plus how running a twice yearly online summit works well for attracting new members, and how she utilises tools like Net Promoter Scores and Intercom to get feedback from members and provide additional support. 

Plus much more!

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Adding a Membership to a Successful Manufacturing Business with Felicia Lo

Felicia Lo from School of Sweet Georgia, a membership site for fibre artists, is this week’s guest on Behind the Membership. 

Felicia first started her blog way back in 2004 and her physical business manufacturing beautiful hand dyed yarns, Sweet Georgia Yarns, in 2005. Over the years Felicia has also taught classes for companies like Craftsy, written a book, and run a yarn based subscription box, so by the time she started her membership School of SweetGeorgia in 2017 she already had a huge amount of experience in her market.

In this episode, we’re talking all about how Felicia is able to run the membership site alongside her well established physical business, and how having the two overlapping, but still separate, sides of the business works well for her and gives her more flexibility and stability.

We also talk about how Felicia used Patreon for her initial idea validation, which gave her the incentive and accountability to create her full membership site. And we talk about the team she has helping her to keep both businesses thriving, plus how she focuses on YouTube for attracting new members, her plans for bringing guest teachers to her in-person studio to record courses, and much, much more besides.

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Staying Consistent as a One-Man Band with Warwick Brown

On today’s episode on Behind the Membership Callie is talking with Warwick Brown who runs the KAM Club, a membership site for key account managers which has been running for around nine months. 

Hear all about how Warwick came to start the KAM Club and how he utilised existing resources, like his previously free blog content, to get him started much quicker – although he still put off launching the membership for a long time!

Warwick also talks about the challenge of consistency, particularly when it comes to content creation, and how finding a way to link his free and paid content together has made his life so much easier.

And discusses finding time to do everything when running a membership site solo, how Warwick provides a lot of personal support in his membership site, from 30-minute welcome calls, to personal videos and check-in messages, despite it being low cost. And how, despite quitting his high salary job, and not yet making the same amount with his membership, he couldn’t be happier. 

Plus, of course, much, much more!

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Fighting Through a Crisis of Confidence with Trish Blackwell

Trish Blackwell, a confidence coach and creator of the College of Confidence is our guest for this episode of Behind the Membership.

Funnily enough, Trish’s biggest challenge with her membership initially was actually having confidence in her ideas and what she wanted to create. Fortunately this was something that she was able to overcome in order to build a thriving membership site that’s now been running for over three years and which is continuing to grow and evolve.

In this episode, we’re talking all about how Trish overcame her original doubts and how the membership model has allowed her to 3x her private coaching fee, while still helping even more people. 

We’re also discussing the challenges of running a business with small children at home and how hiring support for her community was a game changer for Trish and her membership, plus much, much more.

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Facilitating Change Through Difficult Conversations with Carole Copeland Thomas

Carole Copeland Thomas, a diversity and inclusion expert, is talking all about her membership site the Multicultural Symposium Series in today’s episode of Behind the Membership.

Carole’s online membership actually evolved from her long running annual conference with the aim of providing somewhere business owners could have a year round conversation around important topics that relate to becoming a more multicultural and inclusive business. 

In this episode we’re talking about the importance of Carole’s work and the impact it’s having, how she’s able to keep her membership very low cost and affordable because of corporate sponsors, and how her current focus is on scaling the membership even further.

We also talk about how she mixes her offline events and online membership and the monthly webinars that she runs which are available to attend live for free, but then only available within the membership. 

Plus of course much more! 

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The Quest for a Sticky Membership with George Reid

On this episode of Behind the Membership, George Reid is talking all about his membership site for Amazon based businesses, the LaunchPod Academy. 

George started the membership 15 months ago after originally working for Amazon in the UK and then creating an Amazon agency. Over the last year, the membership has become the main focus of his business though, now accounting for 80% of his revenue. 

One of the things George is most passionate about is ensuring he is giving his members the best experience and making his membership as ‘sticky’ as possible, meaning his retention, even for annual renewals, is great. 

In this episode, we’re talking all about how George originally started the membership with his brother but is now flying solo, how he is utilising guest experts for creating content, and some of the new strategies he’s trying to improve his retention even further. 

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