The Membership Guys

How to Market Your Membership by Building Authority

If your membership is trading on knowledge and expertise, it stands to reason that building authority and demonstrating your credibility needs to be a major part of your marketing.

If you’re an unknown entity then potential members have very little to go on when it comes to determining whether you can deliver on your promises and help them achieve their goals.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I discuss the importance of building authority and how best to leverage this when it comes to promoting your membership.

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What CoSchedule can teach you about member onboarding

CoSchedule executes an almost perfect user onboarding process when you sign up to it’s free trial. Onboarding is such an important part of a successful membership site but one that is often overlooked or left to chance. So, here we look at how you can emulate CoSchedule to create a member onboarding process.

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Should I offer a trial for my membership site?

When it comes to offering trials of your membership site or online product, opinions tend to be divided between those who consider it a smart strategy and those who believe you shouldn’t give anything away, no matter what. Here’s some food for thought to help you determine whether to implement trials into your own strategy.

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Will a Membership Site Provide Passive Income?

These days ‘Passive Income’ seems to be the pot of gold (quite literally!) at the end of the entrepreneur rainbow. So it’s not surprising that people might think and hope that a membership site is a good way to achieve this.

But the short, honest, answer to this frequently asked question is actually no, I wouldn’t say a membership site was the best way to achieve passive income – although it can certainly be a lot more passive than a service business.

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