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Are You Leaving Money On The Table in Your Membership Business?

Everything’s working well for you running your membership…

It’s growing nicely, is giving you a good income and you enjoy it so much that it hardly feels like “work”…

But the advice you’re constantly hearing from others around you is making you question whether you should be working harder at growing it faster, or exploring additional revenue opportunities alongside your membership.

They’re telling you that you MUST offer private coaching… develop other products… run live events…

And then they tell you: “If you don’t, you’re leaving money on the table”

This is a phrase we’ve heard so many times over the years…

People being told that they’re running their business the wrong way if they’re not exploiting these opportunities…

But the truth is, you’re the only one who can determine that…

So are you leaving money on the table in your membership business?

Let’s find out…

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How to Encourage Engagement without Nagging Your Members

There’s fine line between encouraging engagement in your membership and simply nagging your members.

The last thing you want to do is get on their nerves…

As membership site owners, we want our members to consume content, interact in the community, and use the membership they pay for…

After all, if they don’t, they won’t be a member for very long… 

But once someone becomes disengaged, your constant messages reminding them what they haven’t done won’t make them want to login.

It will most likely have the opposite effect…

So, how can you encourage engagement without alienating your members?

Here are some of our top tips…

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Competing with Established Memberships in Your Market

You’re excited to launch your membership and are working through the planning process – validating your idea, researching your audience and the marketplace…

And then you see it.

A huge well-known brand already has a membership – just like yours – and is operating in your target market.

Or maybe you’ve already launched your membership, but are quickly running out of ideas on how to standout from the big names in your space.

Either scenario is a difficult one to manage.

The thought of competing against a major player can be daunting to say the least…

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Membership Academy: Roundup of New Content and Developments from 2020

So we say goodbye to another year – and what a year 2020 was!

It was certainly a busy year for Membership Academy, as world events pushed us to refocus on how best to serve our community – leading to some big changes and additions.

We thought it would be useful to recap all of the new additions and features from Membership Academy during the past 12 months, just in case you missed anything!

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Using Instagram Stories to Promote Your Membership

Instagram is by far one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

Everyone from influencers and small businesses to large corporates are using it daily to promote their brands…

And you can see why with all its nifty features.

But that’s not what Instagram was originally designed for.

Its original purpose as a photo sharing app was for users to post images of food, sunsets and selfies.

That’s why out of all of the social media platforms, Instagram isn’t always the easiest one to use to promote your membership business…

One of the main reasons for this is that it doesn’t allow you to share a link in your posts like you can on other channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

So how do you actively promote your membership without the ability to post links?

Use Instagram Stories.

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Setting Goals for Your Membership Business: A Practical Process

Setting goals for your membership is an essential part of fuelling continuous growth.

But simply setting them isn’t enough…

Actually following them through and achieving your goals is a whole other challenge.

And often that’s where people fall short.

To make sure you get where you want to go, you need to have a solid process, one that not only ensures that the goals you’re setting are realistic, but also achievable.

Setting unrealistic goals without a clear plan of action pretty much guarantees failure.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry we’ve got your back!

In this article, we’ll be sharing with you a practical goal-setting method that we’ve used to grow our business.

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10 Most Popular Episodes of The Membership Guys Podcast in 2020

Just like that, another year is over…

And what a year 2020 has been!

Rather than dwell on what could only be described as an insane 12 months, let’s end the year on a high and think about what we’ve all achieved.

With only a few days of the year left, it’s time for our traditional end of year recap show. Listen for our top 10 most popular episodes of The Membership Guys podcasts in 2020.

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Running a Membership over the Holidays – 6 Things You Should Do

Running a membership business over the holidays can be a challenge.

It should be a time to take a break, sit back and relax.

But, maybe not everyone in your community celebrates the festive season, so you think you should carry on working throughout…

Or maybe this is your first year managing a membership site and you’re not sure how to navigate working over the festive period.

If either of these sound like you, then you should read on…

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Branding Essentials for Your Membership Business

Branding is all about your logo, your website colors, a memorable tagline and your company name… right?

Well, yes and no…

They play their part, but your brand is so much more than that.

It’s what all of these things together represent.

When it comes to your membership, it’s important to develop a brand strategy that reflects your business and conveys it to your audience in a positive way.

This will help you attract new members, retain existing ones and create a loyal fan base. 

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