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10 Must-Listen Podcast Episodes for Launching Your Membership Website

As a membership site owner, your first big test comes with launching your site.

This is the culmination of all of your planning, hard work and preparation; and a great launch can give you the momentum that will carry your membership forward towards long term success.

To help you get off to the best possible start, we’ve rounded up 10 of the most essential episodes of The Membership Guys Podcast for anyone planning their membership launch.

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Building a “Non Guru” Membership with Christopher Sutton

Christopher Sutton from Musical U joins Callie on episode 6 of Behind the Membership.

Christopher has run his business for 8 years now, with his membership site being the predominant offering since 2015.  Christopher places a lot of emphasis on user experience and gamification in the membership and unlike many membership site owners, Christopher is also not the figurehead or guru of the membership, in fact most of the content is created by other people.

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4 Ways to Ensure That Your Members Will Stick Around

Keeping your members engaged and happy is key to maximizing your member lifecycle and, as a result, ensuring the success of your membership site.

When members aren’t engaged, that’s when they’ll start to question whether it’s worth sticking with your site and whether they’re getting what they’re paying for.

Fortunately there are a variety of things that you can do in order to encourage your members to stick around…

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Attracting the Right Kind of Members with Julie Christie

Julie Christie from Togs in Business joins Callie on this week’s episode of Behind the Membership.

Julie’s membership is less than a year old, and Julie shares some great insights into the first 6 months of her membership and how important narrowing down her ideal member has been and why her focus is on quality of members rather than quantity.

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Creating an MVP to Test and Validate Your Membership Idea

One of the biggest reasons memberships never get off the ground is that the initial idea for the product just wasn’t right.

While you can research the market and survey your audience until the cows come home, it’s extremely easy to allow your bias towards what you think is a winning concept to sway your analysis of that research or – even worse – to ignore warning signs that you’re heading down the wrong path.

If you want to be successful, you need to truly test and validate that your idea is worth pursuing, and one of the best ways to do this is with an MVP.

Join me for the latest episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, where I deep dive into what an MVP is, why they’re important and how to go about actually creating one.

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Using Video to Add a Personal Touch to Your Membership Site

With a membership site, you’re usually relying on volume in order to scale. And the more members you have, the less able you may feel to actually connect and engage with all of them.

The truth is, there may often be a large percentage of your members that you don’t really know, and that’s okay. But more so than ever, a little extra personal touch can go a long way.

In this article we’re looking at one way to add that personal touch to your membership site, making your members feel welcome and valued, and increasing the likelihood that they will engage with you and your community, and remain members for longer.

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Making the Leap from Products to Membership with John Tuggle

John Tuggle from Learning Guitar Now joins Callie on this weeks episode of Behind the Membership.

Learning Guitar Now has been around for over 10 years, starting out selling books, DVDs and standalone courses before adding a membership offering into the mix. John’s membership now accounts for around 75% of his monthly income, with one-off product sales making up the rest and he has a lot of great experience to share with us!

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Insights & Reflections on Year 2 of the Member Site Academy

Just like that, another year is over. As we reach the 2nd anniversary of Member Site Academy, we have some insights and lessons to share from the past 12 months.

In what is sure to become a tradition, I’m joined on this very special episode of the podcast by the real brains behind The Membership Guys, the one and only Callie Willows, to discuss year two of running the Academy.

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Restrict Content Pro Review

Restrict Content Pro is a light weight, well developed option that is easy to setup and ideal for simple, single level memberships. 

It’s extensions also make it an excellent choice for magazine style memberships, group memberships and as a base for custom development.

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Thinking Outside the Membership Box with Avalon Yarnes from Avalon Cakes School

In this episode of Behind the Membership Callie talks with Avalon Yarnes from Avalon Cakes School. What makes Avalon and her membership so different is just how creative she is, in both her marketing and her retention tactics.

Here we talk leaving her job to start the membership, thinking outside the box to create a great retention hook and gamify her site, creative marketing, the challenge of trying to do all the things, and much more!

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