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5 Biggest Risks Facing Membership Site Owners Right Now

There’s an element of risk involved with every type of business.

Particularly online.

However when it comes to membership sites there are a few things in particular that you want to pay special attention to.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast – I look at 5 of the biggest risks membership owners need to be aware of and give my top tips for pre-empting and preventing problems.

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Building a 7 Figure Bass Empire with Scott Devine

The Behind the Membership podcast is back for Season 2!

And we’re kicking off this season with a very special guest, the one and only Scott Devine from Scott’s Bass Lessons.

Now, Scott was actually a client of ours for many years and we saw his site go from free YouTube videos and a PayPal donate button to a seven figure membership site in the years that we worked with him.

Scott’s Bass Lessons has been running for 6 years now and has attracted over 30,000 members in that time. So there’s a lot to pack into this episode!

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8 Simple Ways to Add a Personal Touch to your Membership

The one-to-many aspect of the membership model is one of it’s greatest benefits.

Being able to serve your audience on a larger scale is what attracts a lot of membership owners to this type of business – however it does come at a cost.

The larger your membership grows, the less able you are to create a more personal connection with individual members, and that can be unsatisfying for both them and you.

However there are still ways you can add a personal touch to your membership, even with hundreds and thousands of members to serve, and in this episode I talk about 8 of the best ways to do that.

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Essential Guide to GDPR for Membership Site Owners

GDPR is the new EU data privacy law coming into effect on May 25th 2018. And it effects you even if you’re not actually in the EU itself.

I’m sure by now you’ve already seen a lot of articles and videos about GDPR, but maybe you’re still not entirely sure what you actually need to do, especially for your membership site.

So in this article we’re looking at what these new regulations actually are, how they apply to you, and most importantly, how they might impact you as a membership site owner.

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The Potential Downsides of Using Gamification In Your Membership

Gamification is the strategy of using gameplay elements as a means of encouraging engagement with your product, course or membership.

Typically with membership sites, this manifests itself as point systems, badges and other rewards for completing content or contributing in your community.

While gamification can be a highly effective strategy, it isn’t a “magic button” for creating an engaging member experience, and if implemented poorly can actually have an adverse effect on your membership.

In this episode I discuss some of the potential problems with using gamification techniques for memberships.

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3 Ways To Enable Shared Group Access To Your Membership

Are you in an industry where there may be a demand for group access to your membership?

Whether it’s partners in the same business, employees in a single company, or even just an entrepreneur wanting their assistant, web designer or some other member of their team to access your site – it’s not uncommon to receive requests to provide shared access.

In this episode I discuss the 3 ways you can facilitate this in your membership site.

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Should You Let Members Cancel Their Subscription Themselves?

Cancellations suck. There’s no denying it.

Obviously a member ending their subscription is pretty much the worst case scenario. By nature of the business model it’s pretty much the last thing we want to happen, right?

So why would you make it easier for members to leave by giving them the ability to cancel their membership themselves without you being involved or having a chance to talk them round?

In today’s episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I dive into the pros and cons of allowing members to cancel their own subscriptions vs implementing a process that requires them to contact you first if they want to leave.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Live Member Training Calls

Live calls are a great way of delivering value to your members without a lot of the headaches and added effort that goes into creating many other forms of member content.

Webinars, live Q&A’s, member coaching calls – this sort of content is ideally suited to most types of memberships.

In today’s podcast episode, I dive deeper into how to get the most out of live member content and give my top tips for raising the bar and improving the quality and impact that it can have.

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Should Membership Trial Periods be Free or Paid?

Offering a trial is a great way of moving people off the fence and encouraging them to give your membership a try.

However should that trial be free, or should it involve a nominal charge?

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I cover the pros and cons of each option, and dive deeper into the benefits and considerations of offering a trial for your membership.

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How Much Content Do You Need to Launch Your Membership?

The launch of a new membership site can be a nerve-wracking time, and adding to that anxiety is the question of whether you have enough content to open your doors.

Is there a set amount of content that a membership site needs to have before you release it to the public? What content should you be creating and how do you know when to say “when”?

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast I tackle this question, and provide my top tips for approaching content creation as you gear up for launch.

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