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Where Should You Host Videos For Your Membership Site?

Most memberships in the online space feature some form of video content.

But the question of where to host these videos continues to confuse many membership site owners.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I delve into the 6 main options you have for hosting your membership videos and give my definitive recommendation (as well as what the absolute no-no is when it comes to video hosting)

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Hiring as You Grow with Tim Topham

In this episode of Behind the Membership, Callie talks with Tim Topham from, whose membership site is all about helping piano teachers to improve both their creative skills and their teaching businesses.

Listen in to hear how Tim made the leap from his teaching job to full time membership site owner, and the challenges and opportunities that that’s brought for him.

Plus Tim shares his advice on growing a team for your membership, making your first hire early, bringing in other content creators and the importance of just getting started and fine tuning as you go. And much more!

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What Should Be Your Membership Refund Policy?

Refunds suck.

Let’s face it – someone asking for their money back is never cause for celebration.

But the fact is that while it might hurt your feelings, hurt your wallet or just flat out annoy the hell out of you when people ask for a refund – having a fair refund policy is ultimately a good thing for you and for your membership.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I explore the best ways to deal with refund requests, and provide my top pointers for what you need to include in your membership’s refund policy.

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Success in a Crowded Niche with Scott Baptie

In this episode of Behind the Membership Callie talks with Scott Baptie from Food for Fitness about his new membership site, The Food for Fitness Inner Circle.

While Scott’s membership site has only been open for a few months, he already has a few hundred members, and here we’re talking launching, going all in on the membership model after years of offering services and products, and how he’s managed to attract members, despite being in a very crowded market.

We also dive into how Scott uses features like private coaching and accountability groups as part of his membership, as well as what he’s doing to grow his membership and improve retention going forward.

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6 Quick & Easy Membership Sales Tactics To Try Out This Month

Much of the marketing advice you’ll come across conditions you to seek out a magic bullet that will unlock a tidal wave of leads and sales.

It’s all nonsense. There is no “easy button”.

Truth is that it’s extremely rare to find one big thing that will move the needle in your membership. It’s about doing a lot of the little things, and doing them well.

This week, I’m sharing with you 6 very quick, very simple marketing tactics that you can try out with minimal time or effort.

So, forget searching for your ‘Golden Goose’, listen to the episode and give some of these ideas a try…

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Removing the Barriers to Membership Sales with Kim Bultsma

On Episode Four of Season Two, Callie is talking with SEO and content strategist Kim Bultsma about her membership site, A Cup of Content.

Kim and Callie talk niching down, running completely free trials to attract new members, implementing member challenges to improve engagement and retention and the joy of watching your members make progress thanks to your content.

They also talk about how Kim came to start her own business in the first place after years of being a teacher, and the impact that this change had on her family life.

Plus, Kim shares some of the challenges that she’s encountered along the way, particularly when it comes to balancing time between her service business and the membership site.

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3 Questions That Will Accelerate Your Membership Growth

A clear understanding of what makes your audience tick is key to ensuring your marketing is on point.

So often people forget this.

They get swept up in the latest quick fix marketing tricks, Facebook ad hacks and flavour-of-the-month sales funnels that they ignore that the foundation of successful marketing is understanding your audience.

Their pains, their problems, their motivations.

This stuff isn’t difficult to zero in on. And in this week’s podcast, I discuss the 3 questions every single membership site owner should be asking, and what to do with the answers to improve both your marketing and your retention strategies.

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Highs and Lows of a Closed Door Model with Brandon Vogt

In this episode of behind the membership, Callie talks with Brandon Vogt from Claritas U about how he’s achieved success with his membership site for Catholics who want to get clear on their faith.

Brandon has managed to create and run this six figure membership site alongside a full time job and gained over a thousand members with just his first launch, a pretty impressive achievement by anyone’s standards.

Here we look at how Brandon uses the launch model to only open his site twice a year and the pros and cons he’s found of doing this, including how it impacts his churn and ongoing member numbers.

We also talk premium tiers, engagement, content creation, retention and more!

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How to Tap Into Your Existing Members to Create Social Proof

Social proof is a powerful marketing tool.

Everyone expects you to talk about how awesome your membership is – that’s a given – but when others back you up then it’s a whole different ball game.

Testimonials, endorsements and success stories go a very long way – and as a membership site owner you have the perfect resource at your disposal to generate this sort of social proof: your existing member base!

In this episode, I talk about the most effect ways of tapping into your existing members to help you to create highly persuasive and effective social proof that will help you to skyrocket your marketing.

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Creating a Successful Membership Ecosystem with Janet Murray

In this episode of Behind the Membership, Callie is talking with Janet Murray, PR and marketing strategist and owner of The Studio membership.

Janet has actually built a whole ecosystem around her membership, providing a natural progression through a different range of services and products including books, live events, consulting and mastermind groups.

Here we dive into the role The Studio has in Janet’s business, and how the membership has evolved and expanded over the last few years, actually resulting in a current rebrand and a restructuring.

We also look at why customer care is vital and some of the things Janet is doing differently to help with both attracting new members and keeping existing members, including the use of open days, reset and exit calls.

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