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11 Bad Habits That Could Be Hurting Your Membership

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Running a membership requires you to get into the routine of regularly showing up, serving your members by creating valuable content, interacting in your community, answering support queries and so on.

These day to day habits are the cornerstone of any successful membership – however when developing those positive habits it’s all too easy to also develop bad ones.

In this episode, I highlight some of the more common bad habits we see membership owners falling foul of, and give my top tips for breaking them.

Episode Summary:

  • The damaging effects of becoming complacent in your approach to your membership
  • Memberships are an evolution and should change over time, but not ALL change is good…
  • The biggest mis-steps membership owners make when it comes to their community
  • Why you shouldn’t blindly follow the advice of experts and “gurus” – and yes, that includes us!

Key Quotes:

“Recurring revenue gives you a lot of ‘cliff to walk back on’ if things start going wrong. Now that’s a fantastic thing, but the danger is that sometimes you don’t actually notice problems in your membership until it’s too late and you fall off that cliff…”

“Remember that behind every single dollar that you earn in your membership, there’s a person, a human being who has entrusted you to help solve their problems. So you need to deliver, not just sit back and count your cash.”

“If you can’t be bothered to take part in your own community, why should anybody else? Seriously, if a restaurateur won’t eat at his own restaurant, that’s going to make people thing that the food sucks, right?”

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