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How to Attract Better Members Who Will Stick Around Long Term

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Attracting the right people to your membership is essential for the growth of your business.

Not all members are created equal – the best ones will consume your content, positively engage with your community and actually use what they’re paying for.

These are the members who will stick around for the long term.

But how do you tailor your marketing to ensure you’re attracting more of the right type of member?

Episode Summary:

  • Why trying to get sales at any cost is a dumb mistake we see too many people making
  • The qualities and characteristics of members who are more likely to stay subscribed long term
  • The gulf in difference between a member who is interested in your topic, and one who is committed to it
  • Steps you can take to better identify your ideal members, and adapt your marketing to appeal to those people

Key Quotes:

“What we’re talking about are those members who stay, they don’t leave during your guarantee period and ask for a refund. They don’t join, then leave, then join, then leave. You want people who join your site committed to sticking around for the long term. Those are the much better members where you’re going to not only get more stable revenue from them, but also more positive participation. Better members actually use what they’re paying for.

“You want great members who are making progress, who value your membership, who share testimonials and success stories that you can then leverage in your marketing to help you bring in new members.”

“Who do you truly want to serve? What are the characteristics of that person and how can you care to your marketing and change your messaging in order to best appeal to those people? You can’t be afraid of putting people off joining your membership.”

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