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Achieving Financial Freedom through a Membership with Anissa Holmes

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Anissa Holmes from Delivering Wow joins Callie for this episode of Behind the Membership and shares how she’s managed to achieve financial freedom in the first year of her membership site, and how she is now planning to restructure and reposition her membership for even greater success.

Anissa also talks about building her movement and making an impact, why memberships don’t have to be low cost and how she is choosing to charge a premium price to ensure members achieve results.

And we also discuss how Anissa finds time to run not just her membership site but a highly successful offline business and high end coaching programmes as well!

What I have discovered is that it’s really not about the price. What it’s about is can you deliver the results that you promised that you can deliver? What will the person lose? What will be their expense, if they don’t invest in you”?

Listen in to hear:

  • What led Anissa to take her experience building a thriving dental practice and turn it into a membership site to help other dentists do the same
  • How she made $25k with her first membership launch and then gave 80% of it to charity
  • Why she is now rebranding and repositioning the membership from online community to year long programme
  • Why she’s not afraid to charge a premium price for her membership and how it actually benefits members to do so
  • How Anissa has focused on providing content that gets her members and their teams results rather than marketing
  • Why it’s important to know your why and your purpose when creating a membership site
  • Why the biggest challenge is getting members to actually take action
  • Making $175,000 in 3 days with a special lifetime offer to attract new members and why making the decision to join a no-brainer is key
  • How she finds time for everything, has achieved financial freedom and puts profit towards expanding her team, education and resources

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