The Membership Guys

Looking Back at the First 12 Months of the Membership Academy

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This past year has been an exciting one for us, and as we reach the 12 month anniversary of the opening of the Membership Academy we’re feeling a little reflective.

To celebrate this milestone I’m joined once again on the podcast by the other (some say better) half of The Membership Guys, the one and only Callie Willows, to discuss our first year of running the Academy.

In this episode, Callie and I discuss:

  • What aspects of running the Academy we each found to be most surprising or unexpected
  • Changes we’ve made to our strategy and the reasons and circumstances behind those decisions
  • What we each enjoy most about running the membership
  • A sneak peek at our future plans for the Membership Academy

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Membership Academy – Extra

Be sure to check out the September 2016 live training session, where Callie and I will be diving deeper into our first year of the Academy, looking at specific tactics and strategies that worked for us as well as some that didn’t.

This is a true opportunity to look behind the curtain at our success so far.

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